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Diaper Cream Brush: My newborn son had a a GI irritation that resulted in constant acidic poops.  His bum was raw with open blisters for over 40 days. Bringing relief to him consumed my every thought.  At one point I read that proper diaper cream application included washing your hands BEFORE applying diaper cream. I knew this was not practical and was also tired of constantly smelling cream on my hands, so I invented a better way. The BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush is made of 100% soft flexible silicone and is perfectly designed to gently brush diaper cream on little bums. Diaper Changing Glove-Saks: Three days after my daughter had the rotavirus vaccine, I contracted the virus. I learned it's fairly common for parents to get the virus after the vaccine from coming in contact with stool when changing the diaper. Even the CDC website reinforces the importance of hand washing, especially after the child has a vaccine.  One reason the risk exists is because baby wipes are porous, so you'll inevitably get some stool on your hand when wiping the bottom.  I always washed my hands, but between redressing my daughter, opening the door, and making my way to the sink, the virus spread.  OSHA requires day care staff to wear gloves when changing diapers, yet I could not find diaper changing gloves in any major baby retailer. This is when I invented a diaper changing glove with an added measure of convenience for the everyday parent.  The patent pending Glove-Saks easily convert from a glove to a dirty diaper sack. Simply wipe the butt, then tie it shut. NOTE: Wearing a Glove-Sak (or other disposable gloves) does not provide 100% protection and is not a substitution for hand washing. Parents should follow CDC guidelines and always wash/sanitize their hands following a diaper change. "Glove-Saks are a must-have baby product for on-the-go!"

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